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add2LESSON ONE; the beginning..aaaaaaaa1


THEATRE OF SHEEP was a post punk neo-psychedelic new wave pop ensemble that I sang for in the 80′s…..the band went thru many incarnations but the one that really clicked with a predominately young teenaged crowd was as follows below…

we packed the STARRYNIGHT CLUB and PINE STREET THEATRE on a regular basis from 1982 thru late in 84…this line-up of TOS (as we were known to hardcore fans..) was a diverse bunch.. and made for the eclectic hard to catagorize musical style that the band produced…in no particular order..

JIMI HASKETT -GUITAR….jimi was one of a handful of pioneers using the looping guitar riff on an  tape loop sl27Echoplex when we met and started collaborating…the others being U2 ‘s “the edge” and will sargent of “Echo & the bunnymen”

BRIAN “BRAIN”WASSMAN-DRUMS…Brian came from a surf punk background in Huntington Beach,ca…and Jammed with everyone from early rockabilly act “TheSurf Trio” to “BLACK FLAG” before relocating to Portland where THEATRE OF SHEEP was formed…

la4LESLI ANNE ARBUTHNOT-KEYBOARDS….lesli came from a collegiate background in classical music and surprisingly played the Violin as well as the piano…

JAMES “JIM”WALLACE-BASS….Jim came from a Jazz and funk background and was a veteran of several art rock bands after BERKLEE school of music and before joining THEATRE OF SHEEP…

ROZZ REZABEK-vocals…I wrote the lyrics and attempted to “sing”…my history was in “confrontational theatre” (so to speak )with the san francisco PuNk LeGeNdS ..NEGATIVE TREND….

Like I said..a very diverse group…to hear soundbites or get CD or download information visit or I-tunes…..this is just the begining…lesson One…there will be several more additions ….

in lesson two we will get into the rise of glamour…our mantra “I wanna be Lovely….” and our colorful assault on the city of portland with our trademark psychedelic posters…the bands message resonated with the young idealistic mostly female crowd…Lesli became a style role model and even affected the local fashion scene…a “Lesli cut” became a staple of local salons…

la8the band was a favorite of both critics and loyal fans…and rumors swirled of eminent record company signings fromanne4 early on in the bands rise to popularity…the bands local following in portland were fervent so often Promoters would put TOS on national acts that were having trouble filling venues…the band opened for MODERN ENGLISH, GANG OF 4, IGGY name but a few…

 a couple cases in particular illustrate the Bands sway…BILLY IDOL’s “hot in the City” was on the charts …but WHITE WEDDING hadnt broken big yet…his PineStreet performance was destined to lose money for the promoter….add THEATRE OF SHEEP to the bill…and additional 280 people in ticket sales over the next four days and a great show…

a couple of cases where we turned down gigs . show the reverse effect…by us NOT being on the bill…JOSIE (johnny are you queer?)COTTON at STARRYNIGHT(ONLY 29 paid admissions) or THE RED ROCKERS (china,..china) also at starrynight …who despite thier college radio “Hit” could not EVEN  fill a guest list at the 1000 seat hall… we were the darlings of local rock promoters as well the Newsweeklies…but the only opinion that mattered to us was the kids filling the clubs every weekend…and we catered to them…ending shows when the last buses left downtown for the suburbs…doing almost exclusively ALL AGES shows…and being the cafes and local hangouts..

So when THEATRE OF SHEEP swept almost every category in the WILLAMETTE WEEKS annual music poll during thier emergence in came as no surprise….Teenagers ,..though they cant get into bars…are the most die hard fan base in the world (just ask the jonas bro’s.)…snatching up buttons ,cassette tapes, tee-shirts, press kits as fast as we could “merch” them…THEATRE OF SHEEP released a 12 inch 4 song E.P. in 1984 called “A QUIET CRUSADE”

the rabid TOS devotee’s were invested in every twist and turn of the bands skewed journey… and the drama really heated up when a very young super groupie COURTNEY LOVE became obscessed with the band..

you can click to find information on purchasing the TOS RETROSPECTIVE “old flames” at CDBABY.COM in the LINKS at the top right hand of this page …Ciao for now…end of lesson one..

Feb 12

PuNk LeGeNd Profile;ALEJANDRO evening with Al

.al5THIS  is culled from a series of posts on THE REZABEK LOG around the time of his 9/13/2008 appearance…the sequence of events starts with a phone call at 2 pm

well ..Im scrubbing all my barb-b-que and party plans to go catch ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO’s act tonight…alejandro is part of the musical clan of PETE ESCOVEDO,SHEILA E.(escovedo),Javier Escovedo… its a musical family ..a musical franchise..I met AL in the SF77 PUNK onslaught when he was in the band called THE NUNS…he breifly managed NEGATIVE TREND and was always one of the nicest guys around…

he was at the helm  acting as NEGATIVE TREND’s manager,..when we shattered MABUHAY attendance records in our first headline gig with THE NUNS and AVENGERS on the bill…467 people in the small club…it was a record that wouldnt last as BLONDIE,IGGY (w/BOWIE on keyboards) ,NICO and DEVO all packed out the famed club later name came up last night backstage at ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO’s SF show …and PAUL DRAPER (of SLEEPERS fame) mentioned that we had been in touch since the PUNK PIONEERS show a couple months back…AL gave DRAPER his number and told me to call him and get on the PEST LIST…Paul called me in portland and said Al would be up tommorrow..which is tonight…at the ALADDIN THEATREal31

So…I guess Im gonna doll up and make the scene tonight….rock-n-roll…its funny coz I just saw AL on the TONIGHT SHOW with JAY LENO and told a girlfriend watching with me that  he was a friend of mine…I kind of think she was thinkin’…”Yeah…Sure..”…she will certainly be impressed when we get in for free, I thought…little did I know just how gratiously ALEJANDRO would roll out the welcome mat .

Got my son off to his friends for the evening…said my “Im sorries” and cancelled out on two social  events last minute … I havent seen ALEJANDRO (except on TV) for over 30 years…he’s a PuNk contest…and who knows when I’ll see the busy rockstar again…that takes precedent over local activities….

 6PM  that evening…Talked to ALEJANDRO and its all set..his band goes on at 915pm…Time for me to wash my 5 dollar footlong down with a pale ale..and get dressed up for the rockstar-way-o-life…and meet my date for a Rocktail before the show at the adjacent bar PAOLA’s

 LATER ..sometime after midnight…After our lengthy backstage reunion Al said goodbye and al11got on the tour bus towards SEATTLE….The show was a blast…not only did ALEJANDRO give me 2 shout outs from onstage …One was an interesting ancedote  about my days in NEGATIVE TREND that I hadnt heard….

its seems that after the SEX PISTOLS backstage riot of january 1978 ALEJANDRO recieved a call from uber-promoter BILL GRAHAM “Are you NEGATIVE TREND’s manager?” he asked…

When ALEJANDRO answered in the affirmative… a FURIOUS and agitated BILL GRAHAM demanded “where do I send this bill for 5,000 dollars…I had to have the building sandblasted to clean up thier mess… ” ALEJANDRO said he had thought GRAHAM was calling to offer NEGATIVE TREND a gig…LOL.

al1later in his set …he also talked of the backstage showdown where ALEJANDRO ,Pistols svengali MALCOLM McCLAREN, and RORY JOHNSTON (SEX PISTOLS TOUR MANAGER) were pushing our amps up the.ramp onto the stage at WINTERLAND… BILL GRAHAMS goony musclemen were on the other side trying to push the amps back down…..hearing your name mentioned on stage in an ancedote by a PuNk LeGeNd like ALEJANDRO….well,..I was just giddy

I had never heard of this before… at that point me and my band mates had already went into riot mode BACKSTAGE at the PISTOLS gig,  and the whole scene became a 3 ring circus…that was then,this is now…anyhuzen…alejandro did the ESCOVEDO name proud and put on a totally incredibly awesome show that included elements of all his era’s…but he will always be most famous for starting the “AUSTIN SOUND” …long after his punk rock days with the NUNS..

he was incrediblely humble and made me and my date feel like his honored guests backstage …spending an hour with us before giving in to his manager and going outside to talk to the fans…sign some autographs..I gave him a copy of LOVERLEGENDLIAR and THEATRE OF SHEEP”OLD FLAMES” and he gave me a vinyl copy of his new double album “real animal”.al8

..on the way out, we walked slowly down the long stairway out the back of the nightclub…we stopped on the stage for a moment…We talked about the old days and who was where and who was alive and who was dead and who was still strung out and who was happy and who was bitter..we said our goodbyes as we stepped outside and I saw FRED “NOIZE”SEEGMULLER waiting with some of the fans…another PuNk LeGeNd..what a night

.it was an awesome reunion..havent seen Al for 30 years…He told me he was at the THEATRE OF SHEEP show in SF in 1984 but didnt connect with us …he is a true artist and has never stopped playing and touring….visited with his MERCH guy ANTHONY … also a familiar face…he had backed MARY MONDAY in different incarnations of THE BITCHES and THE STREET PUNKS..

al6One of my clearest memories of ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO back in the day was his shoes..all the punk rockers in SF were dirt poor but AL always had on the sharpest looking shoes,..beatle boots,cockroach killers, snakeskin..he always dressed sharp and had impeccable taste in fine shoes…So I was excited to wear my  new FLUEVOG’s …and as expected he had pointy stylish oxblood shoes to match his vest…but for once I didnt feel outclassed..

.It was sure good to catch up with ALEJANDRO saturday night..he has lived quite the life…I asked him about DENNY DIGREGARIO and he had an interesting story…after battling demons for years in the TRUE BELIEVERS with AL, seems DENNY went to a monastary in north carolina  to become a greek orthodox monk…right before he was to take his vow of silence he made one last trip back to AUSTIN to see the guys…he was last seen in a monks long AL and the band blessings with one hand and a bottle of tequilla in the other…he is still wandering lost in AUSTIN somewhere apparently…thats DENNY.. the genius behind the punk merry pranksters quasi gang known as the WHARFRATSal10

ALEJANDRO lost the mother of his children in 91,..he played the DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION recently and was chagrined when the NEW YORK TIMES published the top ten songs on PREZ BUSH’s IPOD…AL’s song CASTANETS was among them…so he stopped playing that song..but now he’s playing it again coz BUSH IS ON THE WAY OUT…

AL talked of the difficulty he has had in the music industry due to his mexican heritage…his albums have always been ROCK,.. but because of his name his CD’S have been categorized as WORLD BEAT,LATINO,ROOTS and FOLK narrowing the scope of thier availibility…a subtle form of racism he has had to endure and rise above over the yearsal22

saw local gadfly TRES SHANNON (owner of VOODOO donuts and the host of KAREOKE FROM HELL band) at the show…I always like TRES…He put THEATRE OF SHEEP on a bill with MEN AT WORK,and TOMMY TUTONE at BERBATI’S which was a gas of a gig…TRES tracked me down in the balcony and congratulated me “wow, you got mentioned between songs twice,I guess  you and Al have history?”

Yes, ALEJANDRO and I have history..and even though its been decades since weve seemed seamless…we talked of DIETRICH, CRAIGATIVE TREND,DEBISOU, JERI AND JANEY(the tiny twins from madison) WILL,micheal BELFER,PENELOPE,GREG LANGSTON,WILSEY,the sad state of THE NUNS these days (that dead horse is now just a pile of pulp) and he gave me more tidbits and insights into the whole SEX PISTOLS fiasco at WINTERLAND…30 years later after the factal72

alladinright after that he ended up in NEW YORK at the chelsie hotel..with SID and NANCY down the hall…he has a song called CHELSIE HOTEL that chronicled that crazy time..another great song he had was SISTER LOST SOUL which is a paen to all of those people from the scene who have died…JEFFREY LEE PIERCE of GUN CLUB and WILL SHATTER (negative trend) in particular…great tune

AL told me he came close to dying himself and was hospitalized for 2 years on and off …like many from that era he battles HEP C…he now leads a chaste life and has foregone even an occaisional beer for vitamin supplements and dried cranberries and healthy munchies of all sorts…he looks great…he is almost 10 years older than me but still touring and recording was inspirational….and uplifting…he is a remarkable artist others could learn from..

he now shares a manager with the likes of BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN…so expect to see alot more of ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO in the future..check out his music and his blog at

Feb 11


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jimjim3In loving memory of my brother STEVEN MICHEAL WRIGHT…

a couple weeks back I filmed an interview for an upcoming documentary ALIEN BOY…it is a movie about someone I knew since he was a 15 year old MLC student roaming the streets of Northwest Portland much as I had started doing a few years earlier…it was a wild neighborhood in that era ..students,musicans and artists would share architectually grandiose 5 and 6 bedroom houses that rented for around 4 or 5 hundred bucks…the punk and alternative culture was exploding and the Pearl district remained a bustling bohemian ghetto  for the creative and the crazy until the late 80′s…

jimjimI HAVE FOND MEMORIES of the elf like JimJim and his impish grin and sly smile…he was a fragile and eccentric character,.. after awhile..he began a descent into mental ilness in his 20′s…havent seen him in years but we all remember him as this  frail and gentle “old soul” who was harmless, thats why he was readily welcome to couch surf at KEARNY house whenever he liked…

a couple years back…JimJim,…JAMES CHASSE JR.  still thin and sleight after all these years..was chased down by a group of Portland Police in that same yuppified Pearl district…where “his type” and “My type”  and hell, perhaps  even”your type” as well , ..are  no longer welcome among the nouveau riche with thier condo’s and credit cards  in the trendy upscale mecca…what for?..and why 6 cops?…for supposedly urinating between two cars,…some crime..its not like businesses in that area exactly welcome the poor,homeless  and mentally ill to use thier restrooms..

         Like a roguish gang they jumped him and slammed him to the ground.. dropkicked and  bodyslammed on top of him repeatedly… hog tied his feet and cuffed his hands and stood around laughing and joking as he lay dying.. ignoring his repeated begging for medical treatment..instead of the hospital…they took him to jail where he DIED, with 26 BROKEN BONES….YES,26 broken bones…HIS RIBCAGE WAS ABSOLUTELY SHATTERED…to say he was “beaten to death” is a vast understatement…made me sick to my stomach seeing those images captured on cameraphone

jimjim-thumMy brother was mentally ill…schitzophrenia, like JAMES CHASSE JR…we always worried something like that would happen to him…instead, ..after a car accident he was sent home from a hospital with a torn aorta,because they thought he was homeless and had no insurance….in essence like JIMJIM,…he died because of  his mental ilness and the callous way authorities and medical personel interact with the mentally ill…my brother had a Home and Kaiser insurance…and like CHASSE friends and family who loved him..but was in shock and dishevelled and uncommunacative at the ER….

  much like JimJim,…didnt get adequate care..was denied basic fairness and human dignity..and just like JiMJim,..he bled to death internally because of a different standard of compassion for those who never chose to…or are unable to…wear a suit and tie , punch a clock , and walk the walk like the rest of us….so this case really strikes a nerve with me…it didnt have to shouldnt have happened..and we need to resolve as a community that it never happens again 

 contact EVA LAKE or go to this site  ”ALIEN BOY’S ” progress..thanks, ..sincerely,rozz rezabek..more soon

Feb 10

my favorite MODELS..TOP TEN..Rezabek’s Alley of the doLLs

as34there are some technical diffs with this first picture blog butI’ll work out the kinks tonight..check back..

er43one of the great things about the rockstar way-o-life is the close proximity to so many amazing ,engaging and absolutely beautiful women….SPANKY piqued my interest in digital photography..the camera loves  her..SVETLANA’s every changing STYLES and LYNDSEY LONDON’s onstage theatrics nurtured that interest…then FRIDAY came along and it flourished….she left to become a SUPERMODEL in the real world…DEBISOU came from amsterdam in 2007 and left a lasting impression…the YOKO was around and soon became the PSB-1 model….she dragged me to discover the impressive BONNIE VERONICA  ad9guitarist/singer of BEYOND VERONICA.

..ERIKA MEYERS was a down home natural beauty sans Make-up..but hard to capture onstage playing her guitar in SERPENTONE in dark bars…on a subsequent trip to SF met REBECCA,..another with that girl-next door quality that looks awesome in scabby pair of Levi 501′s and a pair of black Converse all-stars…then one summer afternoon TWIGGY POP just Owned the camera…a hairdresser and bassist in real life…she quicky became one of my top  women to photograph…So there you have it….T-POP,SPANKY,SVETLANA,BONNIE,DEBISOU,FRIDAY,LONDON,tHee YokO,ERIKA, and REBECCA..

tw14THESE ARE THE TOP TEN  “PSYCHOBITCH FASHIONS & PuNk LeGeNd Clothiers Ltd.” MODELS in no particular ORDER..

.theyre all hotter than hell and the coolest chicks around too..I am honored to bask in thier prescence!..they span all ages and backgrounds…they have one thing in common…the camera loves them…I do too!

WELCOME TO THE ALLEY OF THE DOLLS…rezabek style…tw7cat54jj4gg37aa-spank1



how’d TomDoGG get in here? oh ..thats right…my cat is my FAVORITE-EST model of ALL! LOL..


tw22 az2lx13can9 tw34think I got the problem figured out…I will redo this tommorrow and get one of the MODELS FAV SHOTS and ONE of my FAV shots.. and maybe 2 Pics of each GAL..py2lon1xm11j15


Feb 10

The ONE photo that has impacted my life and career most..

Posted on Tuesday, February 10, 2009 in Negative Trend, rezabek photography


the late BRUCE CONNER took this one iconic shot back in 77 or very early 78 and it has graced several books,exhibits and magazine covers spanning 3 decades……first publised by VALE (Re Search) in SEARCH & DESTROYmagazine it will probably be the most famous photo of me ever taken,…even though you cant see my face…..

PS…the meat hook hanging from a belt is an underappreciated fashion accessory that never quite caught on.. LOL

heres another BRUCE CONNER shot that won many prestigous awards including ART FORUM magazinea-bruce                       ROZZ of NEGATIVE TREND..”suspended animation” BRUCE CONNER (RIP)

OH…and then theres theres the perched atop the speaker shot…I guess all BRUCE’S pictures have been beri-beri good to me…theres 1o or more in the MABUHAY GARDENS PHOTOBOOK he produced shortly beforehis death…I went and saw an exhibit of 16X20 INCH prints of these pictures at the BARBARA GLADSTONE GALLERY in NYC in JAN2005a-x2ROZZ “ONE GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND” …by BRUCE CONNER

correct me if Im wrong.. but I think Im perhaps the FIRST and LAST rocker to adorn my body with MACHINIST TAPE…take that IGGY POP!…and the TARGET on my chest…that is either really CHEESY ..or pure unadulterated “accidental genius”..

most recently one of BRUCES “ROZZ” photographs appeared in ART LTD. magazine…..his wonderful work is the gift that keeps on giving…though he made alot of money off pictures of me…I always felt enriched that he captured “the moments” of my life visually …fine compensation..and just as they live on after his death…they will perhaps retain thier iconic status ,..long after my mine too…theres now a permanent museum exhibit…wow…

Feb 9

“WeLcOmE To My ScEnE” first non-documentary film role

Posted on Monday, February 9, 2009 in Movies

…there is a movie that should soon be out called WELCOME TO MY SCENE…it is the story of BIG RICHIE & DALE MOERER…guitarist and the singer of the groundbreaking seminal grunge band THE OILY BLOODMEN…you can check out the editing and release schedule on-line if you want DETAILS on this gritty independent film…please represent and hoot and holler when I come on screen …if  the flick comes to YOUR town this year…”Props & big upps SnOrTLaNd, oy!”bus2

When I was approached about being in the film I talked to one of the films producers about my relationship with RICH and DALE when they were alive and I was convinced they werent gonna sugar coat or glamourize the ugliness that surrounded THE OILY BLOODMEN’S descent into self destructionbus7
I have four lines in the movie and it also feature ART ALEXAKIS (EVERCLEAR) in a bit part as GEORGE T…..the owner of the famed SATYRICON CLUB in portland oregon where the film is set….It was an awesome expieriencebus10

I got fitted with orthopedic shoes, a vintage thermos and a TRI-MET bus drivers uniform circa late 80′s and I got a copy of the script…bus3I read it…I laughed, I cried…it became a part of me…as the cliche goes…

it was inially only 3 lines but I put a long dramatic pause between 2 sentences and it became 4 lines by the time we were done shooting!…A real bus driver was my consultant and showed me how to work the lift and the doorbus4 on the 35 foot behemoth vintage bus…

I had a blast and got to flirt with all the actresses who wondered how I got the part…”by being rozz rezabek” I told them as I gorged myself on free donuts and starbucks coffee to get in character for the shootbus5..

.we all gathered and met with “wardrobe”at the industrial location buzzing with movie-making magic energy.. Actresses..thier hilarious..( to know one is to love one in all thier self obscessed glory)..and free caffein and pastrys too…it was plain divine behind the scenes,ramping up and preparing for my 20 seconds of glory

we took off in the retro TRI-MET BUS from the EAST SIDE movie SET LOCATION to the downtown old main library…several times the director had to call cut because of late model vehicles going thru the shot…even though it was a deserted grey sunday afternoon…bus13

.they made up a fake bustop at 10th & Morrison… my scene with the handsome young actor playing RICH was set up and shot in about 6 or 7 takes….I got my lines right every time …the red mop headed RITCHIE had to run down the street and jump on the bus before delivering his half of our “scene” so there were unforseen obstacles…timing ,..the lights,.so it seemed like we spent the better part of the afternoon there..nailing it..bus6

being the method actor that I am..I put on ten pounds for the role so dont think I look all portly like these pictures now….and the semi- mullet is history too…it was just 80′s character acting LOL….yes…like all actors I am vain and strive to be manorexic…

but seriously…I will try to dig up the hilarious Myspace blogs I wrote about my..lets see…uh…uhm..DRAMATIC ACTING DEBUT…funny…if you added up every time I had 15 minutes of fame …it would be at least a couple hours by now…maybe a long afternoon….and being famous is WAY cooler than being RICH..I think theres a pun in that

bus1to all my old friends tuning in for the first time…tell me WHICH old rock-n-roll stories you would like me to tell here ?.. that I may make this new site both interactive and compelling….like the glorious trainwreck that is our lives…go see WELCOME TO MY SCENE theaters SOON!


btw…I got a mug that looks better on the radio…I really was packing a few extra Lbs. when the film was shot..I notice it in these pictures….my neck looks like I got a goiter or something ..especially in this last pic…..go see WELCOME TO MY SCENE anyway..

Feb 9

a view from the balcony on the fabulous PuNk LeGeNdS trip to SF


Feb 9

the PuNk LeGeNds…sf oct/nov.2007

Posted on Monday, February 9, 2009 in PUNK LEGENDS- MABUHAY GARDENS 1977-2007

x15this is an excerpt from THE REZABEK LOG from back in october 2007…I had hastily signedrods with a new record company MABUHAY RECORDS..and we put  a very raw punked out version of THEATRE OF SHEEP back together to go down and play 3 dates in the Bay area…after the trip,..the deal fizzled..and as quickly as I had signed with Mabuhay we were off Mabuhay but we did have this trip which was one of those magical convergences of old friends and became a pivotal life changing event….INSANE JANE,MISS KITTY,BUD,JIMI,SVETLANA,DEBISOU and I bonded to forever become “the third Tier inner circle of the loyal benevolent order of PsYcHoBiTcHeS and PuNk LeGeNds”….we had a blast on the “tour” and have become even closer friends since…That trip (thank you ted) became one of the high points of my life and cherished memories I will carry to my grave…The concerts were set to coincide with PUNK ROCKS 30th anniverary… had been 30 years since I had seen Debisou, when we lived in the NEGATIVE TREND apt.on PINE ST in 1977..the first show was awesome but few people there, the second show was terrible..and the third show I was an honored surprise guest on the GENOCIDE benefit.. and I absolutely KILLED to a packed house….while half my band was drunk on a plane getting diverted to seattle….I’ll explain how that worked later LOLrozzjimibud

414 the MIGHTY PUNK LEGENDS arrive..



we picked up KGO newstalk radio (a 50,000 watt station out of SF)as we came out of the siskyous into redding..the pimp van ran charmingly and the ride was uneventful..I took over driving for the last bit..the hard part..rush hour traffic on halloween morning in the bay area…

surprisingly , it wasnt half as bad as just grows in intensity from the 505 cut-off to Vaca Valley parkway into vallejo, to west 80..down to the MacArthur maze where it balloons out to 16 lanes then 24 toll booths then 16 lanes,then 10, finally to 6 lanes over the bay bridge into the went very smooth and the toll booths were all empty…yay..we saved 4 dollars before we even got off the road..

x17we listened intently to all the latest on the 5 point something Earthquake that had rumbled thru the previous night..KGO is this huge all news AM station that I have listened to even as a small kid up in Roseburg Oregon in the 60′s..late at night when it was clear we could pick up the progressive talk station on our transistor radios..this was also the station I would leave blaring on the radio at FULTON street (as a burglar deterent)during the 80′s when I was off in portland,new york,..or on tour…I was surprised at how many of the on air personalities were the same..



anyhuzen the earth shuddered at the thought of the mighty punk legends arrival..the hotel was right in chinatown on broadway across cattycorner from the CONDOR,THE HUNGRY I, BIG AL’S and our balcony hung right out over the street… was like some blast from the past a fifties neon sign cinderblock monstosity which would be more at home on the outskirts of Vegas..

WILLIAM BURROUGHS had stayed there at the ROYAL PACIFIC MOTOR INN..probably lots of celebrities stayed there..or died there..or were murdered there…it was perfect..and it was..a dumpy place where the ice machine dont work quite right ..but they stay out of your face and you can be loud and wild and have funny smells drifting out of your room and no one says boo..there was parking too,right in the city..amazing…



Bud and I got in unexpectedly early but they had our suite ready..205…home base..ground zero for what was to be a magical four day whirlwind of good food,good friends(new and old)good music and …”good times”.. as the psycho cab driver would say as he weaved thru traffic at insane speeds on the last day of the journey…

adssvetI went out for a bottle and walked by the old MABUHAY..talked to svetlana on the cell phone  while walking down Columbus in lttle Italy (whos travelling companion was waffling on making the roadie)..”cmon down whenever..just come” I exhorted her.we were recently reconnected friends from the late 70′s..and she did..arriving mid day the next day…I got back to the room where BUD had set up camp and was enjoying the street scene and a cigarette on the spacious balcony..I mixed a vuudka was 11 am..ah..the rockstar way-o-life

a crazy knocking on the door..I opened it to find DEBISOU..behind a rozz mask..she had pulled the dweeby pic of me with the bow-tie from my myspace site..blown it up,printed and laminated it and cut little eye holes…there she was..30 years later even lovier and bubblier and funnier than ever…we laughed and hugged and kissed and began an all encompassing conversation that would run a full 96 hours..with only a few breaks for sleep..just like the old days

the stories spanned decades of seperation and yet it was like no time had was a beaming and beautiful punk4reunion spanning every subject past an present..Bud was instantly charmed by the magical,mystical Debisou..and so was I..again..just as I had been as a young teenager…she is one of those people with an energy..a healing beautiful energy..a creative outside the box mentality..and though were all in our 40s now she was vivacious and fashionable as she had always been…

it was on..the food..the fun…jimi arrived by plane and joined our crew…insane jane left a rodskittysvetnote and a glow in the dark plastic maggot in a drug bag on the door..the royal pacific was becoming party central…a large bottle of stoly replaced my tiny bottle of Taaka Vuudka and drinks were mixed,stories were told, and the boisterous street scene bustling below the balcony added a fitting backdrop to the “Whatever happened to…” conversations punctuated with raucous laughter and pure joy…I felt young and vibrant again..

Debisou was ten feet away in 208, insane jane and miss kitty moved to 202, svetlana up in 306 and Koster would check in somewhere on the 5th floor and begin his reign of terror soon enough…everytime I ventured out for ice or between rooms I would break into my happy marching song, I had learned (with different words of course) as a boyscout hiking up switchbacks on mount hood…a-rp1


it became the rallying call of the entire weekend..everyone began addressing each other as “punk legend” and exhorting “you ARE a PuNk LeGeNd!” in reference to any accomplishment ..such as half blind Svetlana driving into town alone during rush hour…everyone took a leap of faith to make the fateful trip to san francisco..Debisou having travelled ALONE from amsterdam..she IS a PuNk LeGeNd!!!!!


Feb 9

PsYcHoBiTcH fashions and PuNk LeGeNd clothiers LTD…

Posted on Monday, February 9, 2009 in PsYcHoBiTcH fashions and PuNk LeGeNd clothiers LTD

I made up a bunch of t-shirts for my girlfriends and band mates from the PUNK LEGENDS TOUR I did back in november 2007…I only made about thirty before the stencil was trashed and each one is unique …signed and numbered

.tonight for fun I put one of the remaining 9 shirts on Ebay for laughs…take a look…

hey might even get it for .99 cents LOLa-psy

Feb 8

ALLEY OF THE DOLLS ..stage diagram an notes

Posted on Sunday, February 8, 2009 in Alley of the Dolls, Movies

this will be my opus….this handwritten diagram of the old MABUHAY GARDENS, THE ALLEY, and THE AJACENT ARCADE…make up a seamless 3 stages….the action moves between the three area’s…It was such an epiphany when the concept fell together I immediately trademarked ALLEY OF THE DOLLS and bought the domain name ALLEYOFTHEDOLLS.COM….Soon, once this site is up and fully developed…I shall dedicate more time to flushing out the details of this….ALLEY OF THE DOLLS- “A PuNk RoCk MuSiCaL about LUV,piLLs, and AnArChY maaaaaan!”alley1

if you have filmaking expierience,money to invest, storyboarding talents or a background in musical theater…EMAIL me and get in on this on the ground floor….if you have been to the site in north beach where this diagram is adapted from…you understand the layout..ONLY the phonebooth is not historically correct…but I put it in as a vehicle for “Jesus…this is Iggy….” type introspective vignettes where the characters use it as a confessional almost..the two choirs of punks will be up on the fire escapes to leave room below on the center stage..pretty cool idea huh? of my best…kind of WEST SIDE STORY meets VALLEY OF THE DOLLS…If you could see this in your head as I envision it in mine…you would say “Rozz,…thats absolutely brilliant…youre the next martin scorcese…heres a million dollars…MAKE IT HAPPEN.!”…I will make it happen…with or without a million$$ LOL