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Feb 5


Posted on Thursday, February 5, 2009 in chicks..the fairer sex

boob1I was young and still in my 80′s semi-glory,..playing the retired exiled rockstar in SF..When I met a beautiful exotic young woman of korean and guatamalan descent…I have known a lot of women… intimately and as friends….but she had by far the BIGGEST BOOBS I have ever seen…unless I missed some smithsonian quality milkshakers somewhere along the line…all natural ..firm..huge bases ,tight areola’s..and absolutely beautiful ..perfectly formed,curved and SUPERsized,..overwhelmingly so,almost,. . kinda terrifying when they tumbled from her bra…watermelons almost..well,maybe…Like a really big long watermelon cut perfectly in half…I would say cantalopes but thier girth and size was much bigger than that… that Im settled down with a woman who has great breasts of her own and no insecurities about her rack.. I can reminisce about such things with impunity..besides..its so far in the past it wont piss  anyone off…just an aging (former) lethario’s tale of Boobtacular glory…., I love boobs of every shape and size…from the tiny to the totally titanic..theyre all terrific…these just happen to be the most enormous in my memory…green.
One time the motion of the two heaving mountains got out of sync with the rhythm of our lovemaking and it created an  ”Earthquake”  effect..trembling..shaking rattling ,..and  then it actually brought my loft down on Fulton street…the two of us riding the mattress as it slid down and slammed into the bar in the bay windows…the loft supports collapsing into rubble beneath us….we dated only breifly…met at NIGHTBREAK (the hangout on haight back then) and I havent thought of her in probably twenty years…except to tell the funny story about the loft tumbling down (from the concentric rhythm of her enormous breasts) a couple of times..when current lovers had asked…Like Lovers do.. “what girlfriend of yours had the biggest boobs?” or something along those lines.”have you ever dated a black girl?”.”whats the tallest girl youve dated?” know the kind of small talk conversations..the quirky little question you get peppered with in the afterglow…she wasnt that tall..or black..(those are stories for another time)..but when asked about BOOBS…I think of HER,..who could forget?.she was a really really nice person…super easy going…and believe it or not…I think the huge ta-ta’s scared off alot of guys…..the good news..she ended up happy in love..with a guy around the corner from the FULTON ST.PAD who started one of the first piercing studio’s in SF..when that was new and “edgy”..LOL..the last couple times I saw her in SF..she had both ears pierced about15 times..and the nose..lip.tongue..and several tattoo’s…she became the statuesque canvas of his “art” in the latter 80′s…but I was always partial to the blank canvas with the “Make you blink and rub your eyes -aye carumba” melons….it was an unending battle, constantly telling your mind “dont stare-dont stare-dont stare”..but alas..I couldnt take my eyes off them… Im sure they were even more fomidable and awe inspiring pierced an tatted..that just not my thing..anyway,fun times,..neat lady..

we ARE...tHe sWiNgiN NiGhT PeOpLe

we ARE...tHe sWiNgiN NiGhT PeOpLe

..then outta the blue…on Facebook..she contacts me….putting me in touch with cherished mammaries of my youth…and what in my small little slice of this wide world….were …without doubt….THE BIGGEST BOOBS IN THE WORLD…men-onlythis isnt gratuitous objectification of women…Every relationship,..every girl or guy in your past has that one thing that made them unique to you,..that outstanding thing you remember about them…and how many of you ladyfriends have confided “so and so had the biggest…” to me…so dont turn this into some forum on misogyny…I just remember her for..well..besides her exotic heritage.long fingernails and beautiful smile..was the bodaciousness of her lady lumps…..they were mighty vast….


ya know what I miss about the rockstar thing?…when you werent playing or rehearsing or out making an were on the phone talking at night…12 til 230 am or so…and your peers around the country were up at that hour…creating…drinking ..smoking cigs and talking big plans…HELL,…most of my friends I dont dare call after even 10 pm anymore…and on these nights when sobriety and stumptown coffee have me riled up and talkative…theres literally no one to call after midnight…not even my shorty…we got to get a network of THE SWINGING NIGHT PEOPLE together…I guess its all on computer now…TWITTER,FACEBOOK stuff..give me a speakerphone a TV REMOTE, and people to blab with at 3 in the morning and I’d be nostalgic…anyhuzen…welcome to THE NEW REZABEK LOG..and thanks for stopping by…thought I’d talk TITS right off the bat so we can get to weightier subjects later..izzat a pun? I dont even know feel free to share stories of the biggest BOOBS in your world…life..expieriences..Rozz..blogger,boob lover..legend..liar