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ALLEY OF THE DOLLS ..stage diagram an notes

Posted on Sunday, February 8, 2009 in Alley of the Dolls, Movies

this will be my opus….this handwritten diagram of the old MABUHAY GARDENS, THE ALLEY, and THE AJACENT ARCADE…make up a seamless 3 stages….the action moves between the three area’s…It was such an epiphany when the concept fell together I immediately trademarked ALLEY OF THE DOLLS and bought the domain name ALLEYOFTHEDOLLS.COM….Soon, once this site is up and fully developed…I shall dedicate more time to flushing out the details of this….ALLEY OF THE DOLLS- “A PuNk RoCk MuSiCaL about LUV,piLLs, and AnArChY maaaaaan!”alley1

if you have filmaking expierience,money to invest,¬†storyboarding talents or a background in musical theater…EMAIL me and get in on this on the ground floor….if you have been to the site in north beach where this diagram is adapted from…you understand the layout..ONLY the phonebooth is not historically correct…but I put it in as a vehicle for “Jesus…this is Iggy….” type introspective vignettes where the characters use it as a confessional almost..the two choirs of punks will be up on the fire escapes to leave room below on the center stage..pretty cool idea huh? of my best…kind of WEST SIDE STORY meets VALLEY OF THE DOLLS…If you could see this in your head as I envision it in mine…you would say “Rozz,…thats absolutely brilliant…youre the next martin scorcese…heres a million dollars…MAKE IT HAPPEN.!”…I will make it happen…with or without a million$$ LOL

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