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PUNK PIONEERS pt3 RELECTIONS on a night of a million Subplots

Posted on Sunday, February 8, 2009 in Negative Trend, Punk Pioneers

pp221well after standing in the cold wind for half an hour..getting recognized by every one entering the show…STEVE DEPACE took charge and the lady from the ticket window waved me over and handed me two VIP passes and tickets…YOKO and I quickly scurried in and it was nonstop familiarity..everone kind of sizing each other up and then saying “arent you so and so?..with a little more there (point at gut) and a little less there? (point to balding and/or greying hair….)…everyone had aged ..some better than others.

.SOME even looked better than when the were youngsters GREG LANGSTON of the AVENGERS looked like a movie star…SALLY MUTANT has loss a ton of weight and her face has thinned and she is as georgeous (as her personality always was )these old bandmate CRAIG GREY now has a name to match his hair.. seemed thin and jubilant…PENELOPE was lookin’ DAMN always…still married..I think??

. meeting RICKY SLEEPERS teenaged son was heavy…brought me to tears a couple of times…finally I pulled him aside and had a talk with him….I know how hard it is for mak growing up in my notoriously dubious shadow…and Im alive to explain things.. looks hauntingly like his pop RICKY..good kid..having a great time

zack an Kei

zack an Kei

A GOOD MANY of the old crowd fell into the kinda getting paunchy, middle aged and relatively healthy & Happy catagory…PAUL DRAPER,PETER URBAN,VINCE (who is now a woman named domenique.)…BOBBY CLIC,JOE REES of TARGET VIDEO… I think RESA (BELFAST COWGIRL EXTRORDINAIRE) aged remarkably did I ,frankly..the main thing is that were all still alive an kicking..any day above ground is a good day indeed

.I may not have been up there belting out THE BLACK AND RED…but thats thier loss,..coz Im a much better singer now…..I was “THEE VERY WORST SINGER IN THE SCENE “according to Howie Klein , and it almost got me a gig with the SEX PISTOLS LOL.,,,MICHEAL BELFER looks the same …only really long blond hair….pp231

.. as much as it was good to see NEGATIVE TREND be barely mediocre without me…that is a franchise close to my heart ..and I would like to see it snarling,snotty engaging the audience in a compelling provacative way…rather than meandering lifelessly thru once GREAT SONGS…if they contine playing out though Im confident with some polish and energy ..they could recapture the LUSTRE  of the old NEGATIVE TREND…without Will though..its hard..smaller venue would definetely help

I heard countless times “why arent you singing?” and “they are sucking hard” and”how fucking lame”…”it be so great if you were singing..why arent you?”..I wasnt asked..and these commentS were from thier friends and peers.”Well,..maybe NEXT TIME..”I said graitiously to well wishers..its weird… I like paul hood.. visiited extensively with PAUL HOOD…he’s a great guy…saw him open for the RAMONES IN 1976..when he was a teenager in a band called the MYCE…And PAUL CASTILLE is a good guy and competent singer…it was just lifeless for some reason…and the audience seemed as disinterested as the band…but they played ..and that was great for that fact alone

but all in all…a great night of nights…more notable was who was not there…JELLO…JENIFER MIRO..of  course DIRK is dead…and personally I missed DEBISOU…didnt see GINGER COYOTE…but it was a fantastic gathering of new and (mainly) old faces…my camera batteries were like I have many times before over the years…I departed during FLIPPERS closing set as did most of the over 40 crowd…

I was chatting with RESA and simultaneously we looked at each other and exclaimed “I cant take anymore FLIPPER ” …though I do like them in a greatful deadish way…with that we both said “jinx” and joined many others shivering outside to say our goodbyes…what fun! was….LETS DO IT AGAIN IN ANOTHER 30 YEARS…there will probably only be ten of us left…will just book a room at the ROYAL PACIFIC MOTOR INN and bring accoustic guitars and tamborines

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