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“WeLcOmE To My ScEnE” first non-documentary film role

Posted on Monday, February 9, 2009 in Movies

…there is a movie that should soon be out called WELCOME TO MY SCENE…it is the story of BIG RICHIE & DALE MOERER…guitarist and the singer of the groundbreaking seminal grunge band THE OILY BLOODMEN…you can check out the editing and release schedule on-line if you want DETAILS on this gritty independent film…please represent and hoot and holler when I come on screen …if  the flick comes to YOUR town this year…”Props & big upps SnOrTLaNd, oy!”bus2

When I was approached about being in the film I talked to one of the films producers about my relationship with RICH and DALE when they were alive and I was convinced they werent gonna sugar coat or glamourize the ugliness that surrounded THE OILY BLOODMEN’S descent into self destructionbus7
I have four lines in the movie and it also feature ART ALEXAKIS (EVERCLEAR) in a bit part as GEORGE T…..the owner of the famed SATYRICON CLUB in portland oregon where the film is set….It was an awesome expieriencebus10

I got fitted with orthopedic shoes, a vintage thermos and a TRI-MET bus drivers uniform circa late 80′s and I got a copy of the script…bus3I read it…I laughed, I cried…it became a part of me…as the cliche goes…

it was inially only 3 lines but I put a long dramatic pause between 2 sentences and it became 4 lines by the time we were done shooting!…A real bus driver was my consultant and showed me how to work the lift and the doorbus4 on the 35 foot behemoth vintage bus…

I had a blast and got to flirt with all the actresses who wondered how I got the part…”by being rozz rezabek” I told them as I gorged myself on free donuts and starbucks coffee to get in character for the shootbus5..

.we all gathered and met with “wardrobe”at the industrial location buzzing with movie-making magic energy.. Actresses..thier hilarious..( to know one is to love one in all thier self obscessed glory)..and free caffein and pastrys too…it was plain divine behind the scenes,ramping up and preparing for my 20 seconds of glory

we took off in the retro TRI-MET BUS from the EAST SIDE movie SET LOCATION to the downtown old main library…several times the director had to call cut because of late model vehicles going thru the shot…even though it was a deserted grey sunday afternoon…bus13

.they made up a fake bustop at 10th & Morrison… my scene with the handsome young actor playing RICH was set up and shot in about 6 or 7 takes….I got my lines right every time …the red mop headed RITCHIE had to run down the street and jump on the bus before delivering his half of our “scene” so there were unforseen obstacles…timing ,..the lights,.so it seemed like we spent the better part of the afternoon there..nailing it..bus6

being the method actor that I am..I put on ten pounds for the role so dont think I look all portly like these pictures now….and the semi- mullet is history too…it was just 80′s character acting LOL….yes…like all actors I am vain and strive to be manorexic…

but seriously…I will try to dig up the hilarious Myspace blogs I wrote about my..lets see…uh…uhm..DRAMATIC ACTING DEBUT…funny…if you added up every time I had 15 minutes of fame …it would be at least a couple hours by now…maybe a long afternoon….and being famous is WAY cooler than being RICH..I think theres a pun in that

bus1to all my old friends tuning in for the first time…tell me WHICH old rock-n-roll stories you would like me to tell here ?.. that I may make this new site both interactive and compelling….like the glorious trainwreck that is our lives…go see WELCOME TO MY SCENE theaters SOON!


btw…I got a mug that looks better on the radio…I really was packing a few extra Lbs. when the film was shot..I notice it in these pictures….my neck looks like I got a goiter or something ..especially in this last pic…..go see WELCOME TO MY SCENE anyway..

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  1. chris mcninch says:

    Hey i’m the drummer in the band that opens up at the satyricon scene, it’s my band that opens, we haven’t seen this movie and don’t know where i can find it can you send me a copy?


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