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my favorite MODELS..TOP TEN..Rezabek’s Alley of the doLLs

as34there are some technical diffs with this first picture blog butI’ll work out the kinks tonight..check back..

er43one of the great things about the rockstar way-o-life is the close proximity to so many amazing ,engaging and absolutely beautiful women….SPANKY piqued my interest in digital photography..the camera loves  her..SVETLANA’s every changing STYLES and LYNDSEY LONDON’s onstage theatrics nurtured that interest…then FRIDAY came along and it flourished….she left to become a SUPERMODEL in the real world…DEBISOU came from amsterdam in 2007 and left a lasting impression…the YOKO was around and soon became the PSB-1 model….she dragged me to discover the impressive BONNIE VERONICA  ad9guitarist/singer of BEYOND VERONICA.

..ERIKA MEYERS was a down home natural beauty sans Make-up..but hard to capture onstage playing her guitar in SERPENTONE in dark bars…on a subsequent trip to SF met REBECCA,..another with that girl-next door quality that looks awesome in scabby pair of Levi 501′s and a pair of black Converse all-stars…then one summer afternoon TWIGGY POP just Owned the camera…a hairdresser and bassist in real life…she quicky became one of my top  women to photograph…So there you have it….T-POP,SPANKY,SVETLANA,BONNIE,DEBISOU,FRIDAY,LONDON,tHee YokO,ERIKA, and REBECCA..

tw14THESE ARE THE TOP TEN  “PSYCHOBITCH FASHIONS & PuNk LeGeNd Clothiers Ltd.” MODELS in no particular ORDER..

.theyre all hotter than hell and the coolest chicks around too..I am honored to bask in thier prescence!..they span all ages and backgrounds…they have one thing in common…the camera loves them…I do too!

WELCOME TO THE ALLEY OF THE DOLLS…rezabek style…tw7cat54jj4gg37aa-spank1



how’d TomDoGG get in here? oh ..thats right…my cat is my FAVORITE-EST model of ALL! LOL..


tw22 az2lx13can9 tw34think I got the problem figured out…I will redo this tommorrow and get one of the MODELS FAV SHOTS and ONE of my FAV shots.. and maybe 2 Pics of each GAL..py2lon1xm11j15


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  1. Rebecca says:

    Rozz, I love you! You are such a sweetheart! This blog totally made my day. I’m sick and grumpy and people are annying the FUCK out of me today (yeah, already) but reading this just now put a huge smile on my face. I’ll have to get some shots in my Psycho Bitch shirt for you for the collection! :) I’m waiting for the weather to improve so I can load Zack and Kei in the car and drive up for a visit. We miss you!

  2. samantha says:

    what a beautiful bunch of women. i need a psycho bitch shirt. i was born for it. =)

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