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The ONE photo that has impacted my life and career most..

Posted on Tuesday, February 10, 2009 in Negative Trend, rezabek photography


the late BRUCE CONNER took this one iconic shot back in 77 or very early 78 and it has graced several books,exhibits and magazine covers spanning 3 decades……first publised by VALE (Re Search) in SEARCH & DESTROYmagazine it will probably be the most famous photo of me ever taken,…even though you cant see my face…..

PS…the meat hook hanging from a belt is an underappreciated fashion accessory that never quite caught on.. LOL

heres another BRUCE CONNER shot that won many prestigous awards including ART FORUM magazinea-bruce                       ROZZ of NEGATIVE TREND..”suspended animation” BRUCE CONNER (RIP)

OH…and then theres theres the perched atop the speaker shot…I guess all BRUCE’S pictures have been beri-beri good to me…theres 1o or more in the MABUHAY GARDENS PHOTOBOOK he produced shortly beforehis death…I went and saw an exhibit of 16X20 INCH prints of these pictures at the BARBARA GLADSTONE GALLERY in NYC in JAN2005a-x2ROZZ “ONE GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND” …by BRUCE CONNER

correct me if Im wrong.. but I think Im perhaps the FIRST and LAST rocker to adorn my body with MACHINIST TAPE…take that IGGY POP!…and the TARGET on my chest…that is either really CHEESY ..or pure unadulterated “accidental genius”..

most recently one of BRUCES “ROZZ” photographs appeared in ART LTD. magazine…..his wonderful work is the gift that keeps on giving…though he made alot of money off pictures of me…I always felt enriched that he captured “the moments” of my life visually …fine compensation..and just as they live on after his death…they will perhaps retain thier iconic status ,..long after my mine too…theres now a permanent museum exhibit…wow…

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  1. samantha says:

    i have seen that picture so many times and had no idea it was you. i’m going to talk to some people and see about bringing back that meat hook. that’s some stylish shit right there!!!!
    thanks for the shout out on the myspace blog. i’m glad i can still amuse you.
    you’re right i did drop off the map. but i did miss you!

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