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Poster sampler and back story/TOS for dummies part 2

Posted on Tuesday, March 24, 2009 in Theatre of Sheep, Uncategorized

masters2one of the most unique things about THEATRE OF SHEEP was the posterspo5…THIS BLOG TO BE REFORMATTED..but go ahead and have a peek …as it is..po12po3I looked at the posters as a chance to explore the creative possibilities…TOS posters were made thru and old fashioned method and a connection with a basement printing shop named HALLENDERS, located underneath historic HUBERS on 4th avenuepo7…our connection there, employee and aspiring musican himself…was DERBY O’DONNELL…DERBY would scout excess paper from other large projects…sometimes in odd sizes..other times we would cut to 11×17…sometimes odd colors and textures…we once did a run of 1300 SILVER LICK AND STICK POSTERS!..unfortunately, we could never find a viable way to properly moisten them…our tongues got tired after a few dozen posters went up..LOLpo8…the first time thru the presses we would do a background color pattern…I was fond of LACE I xeroxed and enlarged to give a snakeskin/fishnet stocking-like image….then let the ink dry….po92nd time thru often with another pattern in another bold color..po10often concentric circles or a different lace pattern….the third time thru was almost always in black and contained the basic information on the show…in some posters we employed a stalinesque tactic when members left the band …we simply erased them and used the same photographpo111

sometimes the posters came out good..other times too busy..but always unique…the old men who worked with DERBY at hallendar took great pride in being a part of this very alternative creative endeavor and did an awesome job..occaisonally adding a fourth or fifth colorpo121.po141po13so…anyhuzen…this is just a work in progress…I have a lot more to upload po15…I know this layout is a bit disjointed but I will get with my website guru (Ericka Meyers) and tidy it up a bit…po16so enjoy and check back for the finished productpo17…as time permits I shall to chronicle every poster for every show..a daunting task as there were tons of gigs…I couldnt keep up creatively at timespo18…so some were gems and other hastily conceived duds but all were colorful and interesting…so thats it for now…allĀ po20 artwork by rozz rezabekpo19

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