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an homage to the Mediterranean Tavern..prelude to SATYRICON/TOS for dummies part 3

Posted on Wednesday, March 25, 2009 in rockstar-WAY-O-LIFE, Theatre of Sheep, Uncategorized

THE Mediterranean  was a gritty greek cafe and tavern that specialized in cheap beer and low budget greek food..I came upon the place via AL THE ANTI-PAL (allen b. lloyd) who lived at KEARNEY HOUSE and went on to work for THEATRE OF SHEEP selling our buttons and t-shirts…he was also working in the dingy kitchen at the “MED” as it was called…he would get us free or half price pitchers of PABST there before and after rehearsels..or any “occaison”…at the MEDITERRANEAN I became friends with the owner…GEORGE  TOULAHOUP-AH OH..PO…ya know…my greek isnt so good…we just called him GEORGE T….the other GEORGE being UGLY GEORGE,..a bukowski-esque drunk who would wax obnoxious at the MED’S open mike POETRY NIGHT…it was a slummy wonderful dive where if you were friends with GEORGE or AL THE ANTI PAL…you never left SOBER or HUNGRY……WALT CURTIS  and the local literary illuminatti made the MED bohemian ground zero for the ever unpopular “Poetry”….students, musicans,drunks, berets and mohawks,and petty dramas of the seedy neighborhood locals…atos11As the fledgling bands popularity grew ..and we became painfully aware that most of the BARS in town didnt want us .. the bands following was overwhelmingly underage…I approached GEORGE about doing SUNDAY AFTERNOON UNDERAGE SHOWS and he reluctantly agreed as long as “All the kids are out by 9pm”…we did shows with AL cooking up a spagetti dinner or greek food…and packed the tiny tavern with teens..and 50 cent champagne for the over 21 set..(that got us in trouble with liquor control commission).the stage was tiny..the size of a king size bed which made it very intimate…Jimi went wireless one time and I turned back during a lead to see he had left the packed building and was standing out on the yellow line down the middle of 16th and Burnside…going crazy on guitar…while cars whizzed by both directions honking thier horns and yelling…middle of the fucking street he does a 5 minute solo on “Manilla Romance”..master51..the shows got a buzz and were a blast…for us and our fans..soon everyone wanted to play THE MED…VIOLENT FEMMES, acts to numerous to mention..and the kids would come back during the week for falafels and coffee…a business arrangement that suited both of us very well… soon GEORGE would talk over beers about wanting to buy a club .”..a club…JUST FOR noise complaints..”

our shows became relatively hi-tech comparatively as we outgrew the MEDITERRANEAN TAVERN and began to headline STARRYNIGHT CLUB down the street…and our POSTERS would also evolve significantly from those early days the MED….but the half dozen or so memorable shows there (and the simple black and white xeroxed posters)were an important building block in the foundation of the storied history of THEATRE OF SHEEP….and portland rock history as well..

because with the profits of the Mediterraneans surge in popularity,..sooner rather than later GEORGE T realized his dream and opened the famed SATRYICON CLUB at 6th between couch and davis…out of loyalty to us…he tagged THEATRE OF SHEEP to play the very first night…george became famous..the club legendary..and up until he got out..if I showed up there,..he’d give a nod to the bartenders and my drinks were always free..sometimes joining me and my party to talk nostagicly about “the old days” at the MEDITERRANEAN

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    Great story, love the images. I’m gonna send a link to George T…. x E

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