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the twisted path of the BELFAST COWBOYS…1978 to present

….hear the music at bc1      the BELFAST COWBOYS was my next musical endeavor as I transitioned out of NEGATIVE TREND in SF 1978…bands were improvising and reforming constantly as the first wave of band were evolving…becoming interchangeable…the SLEEPERS W/ROZZ and NEGATIVE TREND W/RICKY performing on the same bill at the gay community center…THE NEGATIVE DILS ,..and even the NEGATIVE DILLENGERS …containing members of the DILS,AVENGERS, and dollNEGATIVE TREND…I  had done the opposite and put together a band called the BELFAST COWBOYS with three new-to-the-scene-and-gone-just-as-fast members…with the notable exception of drummer BOBBY BARRAGE…who went on to form NO ALTERNATIVE (named after the BELFAST COWBOYS song) with JEFF REES and JOHNNY GENOCIDE….

BELFAST COWBOYS was taken from a song by and obscure english glitter blues act called THE PRETTY was a song off thier album SINGAPORE SILK TORPEDO..There was no significance to it and no one in the band was irish..the band went into peter miller studios and recorded what is now known as “ThE PoP sessions” for 50$ in 4 track….

    alto10 the 9 song 19 minute masterpiece was never released…and when the BELFAST COWBOYS played live…somehow it became a party band…none of the musicans from the recording played in the live incarnation…instead it was JIMMY WILSEY and DANNY FURIOUS from the AVENGERS,..DENNY DIGREGARIO from TRUE BELIEVERS, myself and a plethora of gorgeous band girlfriends dressed up rockabilly, undulating as (back up singers?) THE BELFAST COWGIRLS….it was a spectacle of massive porportions which culminated with me going directly from the stage to the ER one night LOL,..not so much

the shows were punctuated with mad crazy covers of SLADE,KISS,BAY CITY ROLLERS and the “cowgirls” pouring shots of everclear in little paper mouthwash cups for everyone crowding around the front of the stage…the BELFAST bc2COWBOYS provided a “Lets party,fuck politics” counterpoint to bands like the GERMS and DEAD KENNEDYS ..whom we played with at the infamous DEAF CLUB (a club run by and catering to deaf mutes…who could feel the thudding bass of PUNK music and LOVED IT) in the MISSION DISTRICT………………….BELFAST COWBOYS were a hit…yet none of the material from the “PoP SeSSioNs” was never played at those legendary shows…as heavy and hard as the BELFAST COWBOYS recording was…the live band was a campy lightheaded excursion down memory lane featuring RONETTES songs and a cover of SHAUN CASSIDYS “THATS ROCK AND ROLL”…cmon everybody get down get with it ..LoL


time passed and I was back in the early 80′s..When THEATRE OF SHEEP was blowing up….I rememberedbc3 the demo and what a sonic blast it was…I gave the 4 track master to TOM ROBINSON and had 100 cassettes duplicated of the 19 minute recording…I xeroxed some artwork and put the cassette in PARK AVEUE RECORDS (where a perponderance of the TOS “CATHARTIC AQUACADE” tapes were selling) as “NITECRAWLERS 78″…with no fanfare…sold a few…didnt really think about it again…

alto4Time passed and THEATRE OF SHEEPS zenith neared…and the overwhelming drama of the SUPERNOVA and demise of TOS took center stage and aside from a few cassettes left in a box of memorabilia with a NITECRAWLERS 78 logo on them…the “PoP SeSSioNs” by the BELFAST COWBOYS ceased to exist….

then in 2000 ..this guy from WHITE NOIZE RECORDS started bugging me and coming around….he was a big NEGATIVE TREND,SLEEPERS,UXA,AVENGERS fan…all that old school SF stuff…he kept pressing me for material…I said “I have this”…and gave him a cassette of “thePoP SeSSioNs”….”Its not NEGATIVE TREND..same era though…it was a side project I was involved with…”

well,..he loved it…he thought the material was awesome …and wanted to release it…he kept coming around with grand schemes…and trying to network others from that scene thru me…I got more and more annoyed…I finally told him “Look, Im a suddenly single parent,i cant gig,.got a messy divorce to pay for and rent and bills that are overdue…I want cash…you can have all rights to do whatever the hell you want with it…own every note of every song…but I dont want to wait around for royalties or its just another pipe dream..I got real world problems…gimme cash up front  and ITS ALL YOURS”…figuring he would balk and go away…

Surpisingly,.. he eventually did give me $1500, and then another $500 after having me sign several handwritten” uni-bomber manifesto” own it outright..and I really didnt believe he would ever get it together and releasedoll7 it …but he did..

“ROZZ & NEGATIVE TREND;THE POP SESSIONS “was released by WHITE NOIZE RECORDS in 2001….and quickly won several pestigous awards and recieved glowing reviews…THE BIG TAKEOVER called it “the 3rd best document of the era” behind two AVENGERS releases…the SEATTLE paper reviewing it along side an REM review…like it was some legitimate punk never-before-heard-of masterpiece….that was the last i heard of it…WHITE NOIZE went underground and i knew I would never see another penny…I was just glad I got some cash up front…

  alto11then in  late 2007…after finishing dates in SF with THEATRE OF SHEEP “PUNK LEGENDS” tour..I performed the material again with an awesome live band (the guy from WHITE NOIZE had resurfaced and put together) at the GENOCIDE BENEFIT at LENNON STUDIOS…the audience reaction to the anthemic M-16,NO ALTERNATIVE,NEVER SAY DIE, and I WONT BE PACIFIED was overwhelming…and I knew I wanted to get that music out there again

    bc41earlier in 2007 I also made aqquaintance with music attorney PETER VAUGHN SHAVER…who begin to help me clear up all my musical affairs…we filed to make all contracts with WHITE NOISE and MABUHAY RECORDS null and void…I regained ownership of this material only in the last several months and am now happy to release it on CDBABY as ROZZ of NEGATIVE TREND; BELFAST COWBOYS …ThE PoP Sessions”……9 songs 19 minutes of over the top punk…availble only as mp3 download…the 1000 CD copies gone long ago…I dont even have one

  POSTSCRIPT…I just looked on CD BABY and it ( )is up link there..also I saw on CDBABY there is another cd  by a Minneapolis band called “BELFAST COWBOYS…A TRIBUTE TO VAN MORRISON.”..oh great…avoiding one lawsuit and stepping directly into another LoL…my life should be a Movie…a movie titled ALLEY OF THE DOLLS of course…!……please consider adding THE BELFAST COWBOYS (mine) to your digital music collection when it becomes availible april 1st….

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