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Jun 22


Posted on Monday, June 22, 2009 in Lyrics, Uncategorized

Its rare that one of my own songs runs thru my head….usually my mind dwells on campy 70′s music or mid to late eighties femmy new wave emo (morrissey,boy george spandau,human league etc..) or the gals and the folkies (,pretenders,eurythmics,) and once in a while the classics (beatles,stones,bowie,lou,moodys,p.floyd et al) but today for some reason my own damn song was running thru my head…so I played some mix tapes of social distortion,patsy cline,dream syndicate,Sinead,Prokeiov,t.Monk,mancini,mott the hoople,tracy chapman and even george jones , as I painted….My mix tapes TRULY are MIX  tapes..anyhuzen…nothing seemed to work…perhaps this will exorcize it from my Psyche…the song is BIG EMPTY ROOM off of 1999 CD “LOVER,LEGEND,LIAR..availible thru CDBABY or Itunes by clicking up in the corner of this page see the link…

When I came home…to an empty town..

there was icy stares and glares,..yeah all around mejunkie8

I saw strangers,who used to be friends

is this the beginning…of the endgame?

since you found me

and you crowned me

king of the losers..beyond the boundary

yeah you found me..

you unwound me..junkie61

now Im going to the big empty room upstairs

waiting in that empty room upstairs..

I cant come down..

I cant see straight..

well Ive been this way too long

well you see..

I cant turn my back..

I cant look away..

andl Im not as strong as I should be..faceb1

since you found me ..

and you crowned me..

king of the losers..beyond the boundaryjunkie10

you drowned me

and unwound me

now Im going to the big empty room upstairs

I’ll be waiting in the big empty room upstairs

Im gonna see you in that empty room upstairs….


BIG EMPTY ROOM….RRW1998….its under 2 minutes long and features a smoking guitar solo by longtime cohort JIMI HASKETT…and theres even some melancholy whistling at the end..its kind of ode to anyone who has had to accept that thier soulmate gone..a shell.. and is now the soulmate of the manic secretive world of addiction…and you’ll never really know them as they were again..and so you start to let go long before their gone…….its been a decade and I still think of her daily