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Oct 16

Litquake X..SF OCT12th On Broadway theatre”GIMME SOMETHING BETTER”

lit-pen2lit6rozziI have never done anything like this part of  Litquakes”PORCHLIGHT” storytelling series, I just talked to a packed house, band, guitar…just me and a microphone telling stories about my past….you can find this marvelouss-ness at   about all these little 15 minutes of fame that keep finding me…like the u-tube video made by (now famous) cameraman VANCE PIPER in 16mm which has sparked all this renewed interest in my NEGATIVE TREND era. I should post it here since the genie is out of the bottle and its all over facebook and myspace pages…anyway, my son Mak came with me and I managed to talk about some sensitive subjects with the large crowd seemed less embarrassing..lit11rr

..I had about 4 or 5 beers in the green room then just went out and talked to the people..about memorizing PENELOPE HOUSTON’s phone number and how it came in handy when I was arrested because they thought my acne medicine (tetracycline) was drugs…about finally finding out WHY and HOW the SEX PISTOLS took such an interest in NEGATIVE TREND…about maks suspension from school..about how my mom could never utter the words PUNK ROCK instead always referring to it as “THIS CRAZYNESS” and about the saga of my famously broken arm…just talking ’bout my life..and people laughed and was awesome


lit7steveI got to meet up with some of my musical contemporaries. ..the lovely Penelope Houston, Hank Rank of CRIME..and spend sometime downstairs in front of the old MABUHAY GARDENS with STEVE DEPACE of FLIPPER and NEGATIVE TREND fame..a great drummer with some great stories and some intertwining history we shared…it was real good to catch up with him and his story of the first time he saw me perform..I apparently I immediately broke the 4 tables in front of stage and pushed people off the chairs and smashed the chairs over the broken tables and sent drinks flying and crashing everywhere..and that was just THE FIRST SONG!!!….good times

Anyhuzen, it was fun and looking back I guess I was a little nervous right before going on…I feel like it was a new dimension to add to my resume..STORYTELLER…I will gladly do it again when asked or when LOVERLEGENDLIAR (the book ) comes out..