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update SUMMER 2012

Posted on Wednesday, August 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Its been a while…I received news from the doctor that a good deal of the femoral head in my hip bone had chipped away and disintegrated from years and years of rock-n-roll abuse,..stage diving and the like…so anyways..I got the hip of a 90 year old man…and my knees shot too…while Im awaiting surgery I still piddle around on Facebook every day…but I rarely go HERE or my multple Myspace music sites…I am not actively pursuing my musical career though it continues to plod on regardless,..and so do I, though I DO FEEL like a 90 year old man some days…
I am attending a reunion of the MABUHAY GARDEN OP’s (Original Punks)…it was 35 years ago in 1977 that the FAB MAB rose to prominence in San Francisco…a time the first couple hundred of us jokingly christened the “SUMMER OF HATE” as a rebuke of the 60′s hippies and flower childrens SUMMER OF LOVE…I will be performing at the event september 14th and 15th…I will be performing the songs off the CD “ROZZ of NEGATIVE TREND;THE POP SESSIONS”…Now in digital release as “Rozz of Negative Trend;BELFAST COWBOYS;the PoP sessions” or something like that at …its worth checking out…9 songs in 19 minutes…I have to refresh myself on these punk pop classics…I wrote them…I remember the chords when I sit with a guitar…Luckily I have a top notch crew led by BOB CLIC of “THE LEWD” backing me on the songs (and their total PRO’s) so I just have to worry bout the words…I will add details to this later but for now I gotta sign off soon

and if your wondering…Im still living happily ever after …marriage has been good for me…I cant imagine facing these health issues alone….my son got his GED and is in portland community College at age 16…JUST LIKE HIS DAD…sweet…he turned out so good..I am prouder of him than anything I ever did musically…parenthood was totally worth it…he’ll be moving on soon..and thats good too…

I think when I really kind of dropped of the map was when our beloved friend Naomi “Svetlana” Levich died of cancer a year ago june…its over a year and a few months now and the loss is still harsh and fresh in our hearts….Ive played EUGENIOS (which expanded) several times over the last year but dont actively seek gigs…we were slated to play the PORTLAND ROCK-N-ROLL marathon but decided not too when we found out the gig was at 8 am….hahaha

more later..I promise…..gotta go take my meds

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